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How do you determine the number of spaces needed for your parking structures? How do you plan for the ever-changing technology that could greatly impact your parking needs? How do you maximize an effective parking garage maintenance or restoration service program?

If your parking and mobility needs include strategic planning and management consulting, functional design solutions, updated technology, or facility maintenance and restoration, these are just a few questions you’ll need to answer. You’ll also want your parking program to serve as a catalyst for economic development, enhance customer service, reduce operating costs, and improve public perception.

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Our comprehensive experience and understanding of all the possibilities that exist for you enable us to take your parking technology to the next level. Our technical expertise is second to none including:

  • Parking access and revenue control systems

  • Traditional Card Access Systems

  • Ticket-in/Ticket-out

  • Pay-on-Foot Technology

  • Credit Card Systems

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)

  • Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI)

  • Parking guidance systems and wayfinding

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Cracked and crumbling concrete, rusted steel supports, parking stalls that need repainting. You know your facility requires maintenance, but how do you  maximize an effective program?

When it comes to proactive maintenance and repairs, they too often become a deferred maintenance liability. A carefully tailored, consistently executed maintenance and restoration program will extend your structure’s service life, ensure that your funds are spent wisely, and result in a better parking experience for your patrons and staff.

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Key features


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